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New ‘breadbox’ retail inkjet printer from Fujifilm

Fujifilm in the US has announced the Frontier DE100, a new compact, 4-colour retail  inkjet printer.

This is actually the second launch of the DE 100. It was initially announced with considerably more fanfare at Photokina 2016, for availability in November that year.

Fujifilm Australia has told PhotoCounter it will be available in Australia in the second half of the year ‘as with many other markets around the world’.

The piezoelectric, 340-print/hour inkjet printer uses a new 4-colour ‘ViViDiA D-photo’ dye-based inkset (‘highly resistant to ozone and light’) and a printhead which Fujifilm says prints at 1200x1200dpi resolution in standard mode and 2400x1200dpi in high quality mode.

It produces prints from 89mm x 50mm to 210mm x 1000mm in glossy, lustre and silk surfaces In addition, fine art matte and canvas surface are also scheduled for availability. Fujifilm sees lustre and gloss as the primary paper surfaces for Australia, but will also have silk and fine art on hand.

Fujifilm claims the printhead on the DE100 can lay down dots as small as 1 picolitre, and it can print in two different colour modes – natural and vivid.

The DE100 can also produce Square Prints, popularised by Instagram, and ‘Shuffle Print/Wonder Shuffle Print’ in which a number of images are arranged together in a collage.

Fujifilm is also touting the viability of combining four DE100s to achieve capacity of 1320 4×6-inch prints per hour. Print speed is 10.8 sec for a 4×6-inch print.

Individual ink cartridges (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) are 200ml capacity.




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