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Leica develops S3 medium format

Leica will deliver a 64-megapixel medium format camera, the S3, in Autumn/Winter next year.
The camera is the successor to the S2, which was unveiled a decade ago at Photokina 2008.

Details are slim as this is a development announcement, and Photokina is serving as a ‘soft launch’ platform.

What’s known is the camera has a Proformat sensor, ISO sensitivity up to 50,000, a large and bright SLR viewfinder, three fps burst shooting, and medium format Cine 4K video.

The S3 will also be compact, closer to a 35mm DSLR system.

And there’s an adapter for Hasselblad H and Contax 645 lenses.

Stay tuned for a ‘hard launch’!

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