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Fuji US releases mobile-friendly kiosk

Fujifilm in the US has announced the GetPix Dash, a new low-cost (US$2000) photo kiosk for photo printing from mobile phones without the need for cables or a dedicated app.

…Well, actually, not directly from mobile phones. Users upload their images to a Fujifilm web transfer website called and a code is generated to access the uploaded images. At the GetPix Dash photo kiosk they then enter that code and their images appear on the kiosk screen, ready for photo printing.

A Fujifilm Australia spokesperson told PhotoCounter: ‘Fujifilm has advised that the GetPix is under consideration (for local release), but no decision has been made at this time.’

The kiosk is being bundled by Fujifilm USA with the ASK-300 dye-sublimation printer as an instant photo solution. The Dash screen is a tablet-sized 10-inches and printer output is limited to 6×4 and 4×4.

The GetPix Dash can be set up at full pedestal height or converted to counter height with a printer behind a counter.

Fujifilm USA also offers a GetPix Print Station, with a larger screen and accessory cabinet, which is offered bundled with the far more functional Frontier-S DX100 inkjet photo printer.

Fujifilm Australia does not supply the GetPix system, but rather has two locally developed options, the Blade and Blade Lite kiosks.


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