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Capture One Pro 12: Better, faster, stronger

Phase One has released Capture One Pro 12, a faster and more advanced version of its raw processing software.

Pricing by Specular, Phase One’s Australian distributor, has a full license at $429 inc GST and 9/10/11 upgrades for $220 inc GST.

Specular is offering a 15 percent discount for customers who purchased their previous version through the distributor. The offer ends December 21.

Capture One Pro 12 has a redesigned interface for ease of use and a revamped menu system.

Other new features:
– All new luminosity masking with the Luma Range mask tool in adjustment layers.
– Next level gradient masks now with asymmetrical gradations.
– New radial gradient mask tool.
– Redesigned keyboard shortcut manager allows you to completely customize shortcuts that work for you.
– New plug-in ecosystem to open Capture One to round-trip workflows with third party software (currently HeliconFocus is our favorite plugin in the new ecosystem).
– Fujifilm Film Simulation support.
– Extended AppleScript support for advanced workflow customization.

For photographers who prefer to own rather than rent their software, Capture One Pro 12 is an alternative to Adobe software; with support for over 500 cameras.

Contact Specular for more info.


  1. Michael Petersen Michael Petersen December 7, 2018

    Don’t bother with the upgrade! I don’t see much difference to capture one 11.2 infact the radial gradient mask is not as good as the lightroom version.

    • Robert Townland Robert Townland January 3, 2019

      Not much difference? The entire user interface has been updated. How is a radial gradient not as good as Lightroom? It’s a radial gradient tool. You can make a shape, rotate the shape, change the fade area, etc.

      The Luminosity Mask alone is worth the price of admission.

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