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Canon now retailing photographic prints

Canon has expanded its portfolio of retail businesses to include wall decor among products sold from the Canon Store, commencing with a series of spectacular framed and unframed aerial landscapes on offer from $1000 to $1650.

The Canon Online Store presents the ‘Girt By Sea’ images in a virtual environment.

Top Australian professional photographers Tony Hewitt and Denis Glennon, sponsored by Canon, ‘circum-aviated’ the coast of Australia in a Cessna 210, starting from Western Australia. They produced a ‘Girt By Sea’ collection of 100 large-format aerial images.

The Girt By Sea collection is also on show until Wednesday, June 27, at Paddington Town Hall.

The prints from the Canon Store (and Paddington Town Hall) are being offered in two main sizes – 110cm x 80cm and 90cm x 65cm – framed and unframed, with prices starting at $980 for an unframed 90cm x 65cm. Prints are unsigned and it doesn’t appear they are being sold as limited edition.

The prints are made at Canon’s professional outlet, Sun Studios, using Canon wide-format printers and Canson fine art paper.


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