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Canon, DigiDirect offer doc printing service

Canon is trialling a new printing service, Canon Print Point, with the first outlet at DigiDirect Bondi.

The service is internet-based and at this stage focussed on document printing. The user registers on the website and can then upload PDF or Word files via computer or mobile, nominate colour or black and white, single-sided or duplex, number of copies, etc, and the outlet at which they will collect their print order.

‘At the moment there is one PrintPoint available in Bondi Junction – but we are just getting started. Over the next few months we will be rolling out several new PrintPoints around Sydney for you to use,’ states the website.
A code is generated on the customer’s mobile phone from the Canon Print Point website and keyed into the Canon Print Point printer at DigiDirect, which them proceeds to print the order.

As stated, the roll-out of the new service is in its early stages. The Canon Print Point website seems unfinished, with no information about range of services available, pricing or turnaround time. So far it will only accept documents to be printed A4 portrait format.

However a call to DigiDirect Bondi Junction confirmed that a Canon laser photocopier was in situ to cater for the service, and that at present all printing was being produced free of charge.

PhotoCounter has contacted DigiDirect head office for further details.




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