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Aussies own WPPI

Australian photographers have set a high standard at this year’s WPPI 2018 Annual photo contest, with Ryan Schembri, Rocco Ancora, Kelly Brown, and Tony Hewitt taking out category wins.

Just one of Kelly Brown’s winning photos. Source: WPPI/Facebook.

The Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Expo, which ran for three days in Las Vegas last month, has become a premier industry event – hosting a series of seminars and workshops, a large trade show, and the judging of the annual photo contest.

As in previous years, Australian photographers have had a noticeable presence at the 2018 event. The speaker schedule is dripping with Antipodeans.

The WPPI Annual photo contest has potentially more Australians scoring wins than any other country. (Please, correct if wrong!)

Another winning photo by Kelly Brown! Source: WPPI/Facebook

World renowned portrait photographer, Kelly Brown, did remarkably well, scoring first and third in the Newborn Portrait category, and also winning the Group/Families Portrait category. She additionally came third in the Children Portrait category.

Winning photo by Rocco Ancora. Source: WPPI/Facebook.

Australian high-end wedding photographer, Rocco Ancora, won the Wedding Couple Together category, which also earned him the overall Wedding Division grand prize.

Ryan Schembri’s winning photo. Source: WPPI/Facebook.

Award-winning wedding photographer, Ryan Schembri, pocketed first place in the Wedding Bride Alone category.

Finally landscape photographer, Tony Hewitt, took out first prize in the Landscape category.

Tony Hewitt’s winning photo. Source: WPPI/Facebook.

But wait, there’s more!

Australian photographers James Simmons, Naomi Reiter, Peter Rossi, David Anthony Williams, and Selena Rollason all scored either second, third, or both (Rollason!), in a number of categories. There’s potentially more Aussies in the mix, but WPPI doesn’t supply each photographer’s nationality. If ProCounter left anyone out, drop us a line in the comments below.

Click here to see all winning photos.

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