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3-minute photo books from Noritsu

Noritsu Australia has added the Opus book binding system to its portfolio this year.

This German-designed system from Mümken Sales ‘makes it child’s play to bind a skilled, visually demanding photo book that is good to the touch in less than three minutes.’ It is primarily used to produce hard-cover photo books with pages printed on both sides.

It comprises a laminator (Coverator 330), a clamp (Atlas 300) and a reel cutter (Trimmer 320). It produces solid black and white cover elements or the alternative of covers with a laminating foil applied to them. A single-sided, printed image is placed between each foil and cover carrier. The covers are then fed to the laminator and thermally ‘fused’ within about one minute into a high-gloss cover section. The photo book pages printed on both sides are then placed between the finished front and rear cover pages. If there are any deviations in the photo book pages before folding them, they can be squared up via the reel cutter.

The clamp is now fitted with a metal spine. The operator then places the loose pages of the book into it as a book block. Finally, the operator presses the spine with a lever onto the spine, thereby creating a spine bar binder.



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