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Snapshot hits ground running in 2017

Jill and Graham Boswell have been in their bigger, brighter Snapshot store for 18 months now, and are harnessing the extra space and facilites to maximum effect.‘The staff and customers enjoy all the extra space as well as the smell of coffee the espresso bar out front provides,’ said co-owner, Jill Boswell.

The store now provides a one-stop solution from selling the customer the right cameras and accessories for their needs; teaching them how to get better photos; then printing and framing their best photos.

‘Very few enlargements leave the shop unframed now – a different story from our old store where every enlargement over 8×12 inches left rolled up in a tube because we had no space for larger frames, let alone a framing workshop,’ said Jill.

Hamilton-based professional photographer and Photo Marathon leader, Ashok Kochhar, with Snapshot co-owner, Graham Boswell.

Snapshot is ramping up its education program this year and it got off to a great start with the help of an international professional photographer currently living in Hamilton. Ashok Kochhar is giving back what he has learned about photography and proposed running (pun intended) a Photo Marathon in Snapshot’s store after hours, where he would charge…nothing!

Snapshot’s experience with free events is that some people don’t place any value on what is being provided, so don’t turn up. Snapshot embraced Ashok’s proposal and they agreed to charge $20 per person per event and donate the proceeds to a charity involved with the loss of memories – Dementia Waikato.

The opening of the event was marked by the Mayor of Hamilton, Andrew King, presenting a cheque for $1500 to the charity. 

Ashok is experienced in many genres of photography, and the program involved holding six events over two weeks in February, covering six genres. Four of these – food, fashion, product and portraits – were held as interactive workshops after hours during the week.

‘Our photo studio was too small for this ambitious project but the store had plenty of room after moving some of the display units around,’ said Jill.

The Art of Seeing and Creative Landscapes were both inspirational presentations held on a Saturday afternoon. As these were held while the store was open, the presentations were made in Snapshot’s classroom where space was limited to 25 seats. It was a full house on both occasions.

‘It was hard work but worth it. We’re passionate about helping people capture and enjoy the best photos they can, so Ashok’s Photo Marathon was a fantastic start to our 2017 photo education program. We are proud to have been involved in such a unique initiative and to see so many photographers inspired by Ashok’s passion and expertise.’

Photos of the events can be viewed here and a short video can be viewed here.

The Snapshot Photo Marathon participants pose at the ‘finish line’. (It would be interesting to know how many sales are generated from this motivated group through 2017 and beyond.)

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