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New Vic/Tas appointment for Brands
Brands Australia, distributor of Polaroid instant imaging products and ID Station biometric passport photo systems, has announced the appointment of Michael Munoz to the position of sales business development manager, Victoria & Tasmania.

He will be responsible for ‘bringing the iconic Polaroid power brand and ID Station biometric passport system launch further and to take the brand to the next level into the Victoria & Tasmanian markets.’

‘We’ve worked hard to find the right people to introduce our brands in the market with a focus on tailoring our sales and marketing efforts to be relevant to the local market. This is an exciting step for the Brands Australia group of companies as we expand our national presence with Michael’s experience and reputation, said John Rule, Managing Director of Brands Australia.

Michael Munoz has over 20 years of experience in key sales roles with Telstra, Snooze Group and Arnold Webbing. He can be contacted on 1300 728606 or mobile 0418457346 or on e-mail

New PS Elements announced
Adobe has announced new versions of its increasingly capable video and image editing programs – Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements 2018.

One of the tools in the new Photoshop Elements is a real eye-opener.

Photoshop Elements 2018 has a new Organiser with an ‘Auto-Curate’ function that can sort through a large batch of photos to select the best ones, based upon image quality, faces, subjects or other criteria. Presumably for people who are just too time poor or lacking in judgement to identify their own favourite shots.

The Slideshows function has also been updated and users can turn photos and video clips into slideshows with theme, music and/or captions. Eight new Guided Edits provide step-by-step instructions to simplify otherwise complex tasks. A new Auto Selection function makes it easy to separate a subject from its background.

Closed eyes in a pic? Get another set of eyes from another pic and whack ’em in.

New features in Premiere Elements 2018 include Candid Moments, which enables users to extract frames from raw video footage and Smart Trim, which finds and brings together the best scenes based on the style of your video.

Photoshop Elements 2018 and Premiere Elements 2018 will sell individually for $145.19 each. The combined package with both programs is priced at $219.99. 

Free and unlimited within limits
As is increasingly the case when dealing with the big internet corporations, it pays to read the fine print. So when Google announced its new Pixel 2 smartphone (best camera eva!) the icing on the cake was ‘free and unlimited photo and video storage for Pixel 2 owners through Google Photos’. As it happens that deal only runs until 2020. After that images get will be downsized to 16 megapixels.

Google Photos already offers free and unlimited storage to anyone – but digital stills are downsized to 16-meg and videos to 1080p. It would be exceedingly cynical to suggest that Google might perhaps change its T&Cs at some stage down the track, when it has the majority of the world’s digital image collections on Google Photos, to maybe introduce a fee for continued storage.





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