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Ricoh Theta V 360/4K launches this month

CR Kennedy has announced October availability of the $599 Ricoh Theta V, featuring 360-degree 4K video capture, immersive spatial audio recording, and high-speed transfer.

The Theta V features two 12-megapixel sensors and an f2 twin-lens optical system that captures two wide-angle images and automatically stitches them into one complete spherical image with minimal stitching artefacts. It allows you to capture comprehensive 360-degree 4K videos and 12 megapixel stills, as well as live stream 360-degree footage in 4K. It offers Auto, Shutter Priority, ISO Priority and Manual operation capturing still photos.

A built-in 4-channel microphone captures high-quality audio from four directions, with seamless transitions between the channels. An optional ‘3D microphone’ (TA-1) allows you to add 3D 360-degree spatial audio to your 360-degree video content.

The Theta V has 19GB of internal memory, which will store 4800 photos or 40 minutes of 4K video (130 minutes in 2K). Once video has been recorded a Theta iOS/Android app enables viewing and rotating to see it from different angles. The Theta app also lets you preview your shots before you shoot and live stream to platforms such as YouTube Live.

The camera is very compact and ‘pocketable’ and weighs just 121g. An optional waterproof housing (TW-1) is also available that will let you take the Theta V down to 30 metres.

The Theta V is the first Street View mobile ready camera to be certified by Google. This allows users to create Street View imagery on the move.

Key Features
– Capture 360-degree 4K videos and 12 megapixel photos, and live stream 360-degree 4K footage;
– Built-in 4-channel microphone with high-quality and seamless transition recording;
– 19GB of internal memory;
– Includes Theta app for iOS/Android;
– Designed to combine dual images with minimal stitching artifacts;
– Optional 3D 360-degree spatial microphone and underwater housing supported;
– Top shutter speed 1/25,000 sec;

Press release: RICOH THETA V_October

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