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Fujifilm clarification on film supplies

Following our recent article in ProCounter on Fujifilm dropping most of its 35mm film lines, the company has very belatedly ‘advised that they would like to clarify the changes.’

Velvia 50 and Superia 400 will be available in single rolls only in Australia. All other lines are discontinued.

The Fujifilm statement continues: Fujifilm’s 35mm film will continue to be available worldwide, but in a different format.

Due to an estimated 20 percent global decrease in demand per year, most of the 35mm multi-pack items (5-pack and 3-pack film) will be discontinued. However, they will continue to be available as single packs.

The 35mm single pack range will include:
Superia 200: Final orders for singles were in October 16. It is likely the single pack will be discontinued globally once stock runs out.
Superia 400
Single pack available globally, but Fujifilm Australia does not range locally.

Velvia 50
Velvia 100: Single pack available globally, but Fujifilm Australia does not range locally.

So locally, Fujifilm Australia will offer Superia 400 and Velvia 50. In some other markets, subject to local decisions, Velvia 100 and Provia will also be offered.

Fujifilm Australia initially declined to provide any response to our enquiries. While the news is better globally, Australian and New Zealand 35mm film users will at least have one Fujifilm colour neg and one colour slide emulsion available. Prices have not been supplied.



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