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Canon makes Kogan authorised dealer

Prominent, ASX-listed Australian-based grey marketer Kogan/Dick Smith is now in the odd position of being a Canon Australia Authorised Dealer, while otherwise parallel importing other photographic brands, including major competitor Nikon.

Kogan is making much of its authorised Canon dealer status.

While it charges GST on Canon cameras and lenses, it also offers free 1-2 day shipping (as the goods are being shipped from Australia) and the local Canon two-year warranty. The Kogan and Dick Smith websites highlight the formal supplier arrangement with Canon.

On the other hand, cheap prices for other cameras are accompanied by shipping fees, waits of 1-2 weeks to leave the Hong Kong warehouse, and no manufacturers warranty. 

Kodak/Dick Smith represents itself as an Australian operation, but ships via a related company registered in Hong Kong. It’s no surprise, although perhaps more than a little galling, that Kogan and Dick Smith are able to undercut other local retailers complying with their GST collection obligations.

Unlike some less scrupulous grey marketers out of Hong Kong, Kogan also charges GST on all cameras of whatever brand above the $1000 Low Value Threshold. 

More annoying, perhaps, is the tendency to trash the price of some key models – such as the relatively new Canon M6.  









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  1. Really Canon Really Canon September 4, 2017

    This proves how desperate Canon Australia is now. If the dropped their prices years ago, like we told them, this would not have happen. A company can’t survive on 5% net profit, so they will sell to anyone.

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