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AIPP expands, brings in pro video group

The Australian Video Producers Association (AVPA) has merged with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).

The AVPA’s Ron Dorre will be on the AIPP committee for professional video producers.

Rochelle Morris, AIPP’s board advisor for video, who was also a member of the AVPA, said the merger is a positive move for video producers.

‘During the years of my AIPP membership, I have been privileged to witness the spirit of the members and the association, and the dedication of the staff.

‘Needless to say, I kept saying, “I want that spirit for our video profession! As this transition occurs, I look forward to welcoming more video professionals and am confident that our community spirit is something that they too, will see and embrace,’ she said. 

The AVPA, like the AIPP among professional photographers, has the exclusive authority to offer professional acceditation to members. Only AVPA accredited members are permitted to use the Accredited Member AVPA logo and the AVPA name and logo in their advertising and promotional materials. 

Ron Dorre, president of the AVPA – which will be renamed Accredited Video Producers of Australia – explained that the merged entity will be a division of the AIPP. 

‘Government departments, legislators and the ATO all seek opinion and input from the AIPP on matters ranging from copyright legislation through to the tax treatment of photographic assets.

‘Through our association we aim to continue to lobby for reforms of legislation that affects our professionals. Both AVPA and AIPP share a vision to be advocates for excellence in imaging,’ he said.

The press release announcing the merger stated ‘the AVPA’s remaining funds have been used to cover a one-year membership for its members with the AIPP.’

The AVPA was originally formed to lobby the federal government over issues concerning sales tax. It was established about 20 years ago and represents:
– Corporate and documentary video producers;
– Television industry personnel;
– Wedding and Special Event video producers;
– Retail and wholesale equipment suppliers and service providers.

The new AIPP videographers’ group will be renamed Accredited Video Producers of Australia.

There are just over 700 members on the group’s closed Facebook page.

There is another ‘moving pictures’ professional’s association, the Australian Cinematographers Society, which caters more for broadcast and cinema videographers. 


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