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New Haida filters from Adeal

Haida Company has appointed Adeal Pty Ltd as exclusive Australian distributor of its professional optical filters and photo accessories.

Haida 150 Series Insert Filter Holder system is designed for Super-wide angle lenses, which could not be mounted on Circular Filters.
The recently-released Haida 150 Series Insert Filter Holder system is designed for super-wide angle lenses where circular filters are impractical.

The Haida Company was established in 2007, located in Ningbo China. It specialises in research, development and producing high end quality optical glass filters and accessories and is establishing a reputation in Europe and the US for its extensive range of quality products at attractive price points.

The Haida Insert Filter system offers professional photographers ease of use, durability and an integrated filter system that is of the highest optical quality. Haida filters recently scored top rating in UK magazine Digital SLR Photography against renowned German brands B+W and Heliopan.

‘All great value buys, especially the IRND for its neutrality and rear multi-coating, and also the 100mmx100mm that brings more choice to the relatively limited slot-in (square) filter market,’ the reviewers concluded.

‘Haida pro-actively responds to the increasing digital technology standards of perfection. All Haida products are developed with feedback from professional photographers and made to assist in overcoming the challenges they face,’ the Adeal press release stated.

‘Haida’s product line-up continues to take photography solutions to the next level with yet unseen technology, capability and durability.’

For more information please contact Adeal on 1300 723 001

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