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Lumix GF8 all about selfies

The Panasonic Lumix GF8 is essentially the GF7 with a few extra features to make it all about the selfy. It retails for $699 with a 12-32mm lens.

GF8d_slant_H_FS12032_s_PopUpIt has the same specifications as the 12-month-old GF7 – 16-megapixel M43 sensor, 1080/60p video, built-in WiFi, tiltable 3-inch screen – with a new Soft Skin mode for more flattering portraits.

There is also as ‘Beauty Retouch’ function to clear up and firm skin, whiten teeth and make subjects look as though make up has been applied whether it has or not.

It is available in Australia in black/silver and orange/silver, with a faux leather body texture.

Press release: Panasonic GF8


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