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Lowepro, Joby to CR Kennedy

DayMen, owner of the Lowepro and Joby brands, has announced that CR Kennedy & Company is the new exclusive distributor for Lowepro bags and Joby photo and mobile accessory products.

highline_bp_300aw-model_back_sq‘Our choice of CR Kennedy for the next phase of the Lowepro and Joby journey in the Australian market was based on their excellent reputation as Australia’s largest independent photo distributor, and their long history as an innovative company that has managed and grown some of the great brands in photographic industry over many decades,’ said , DayMen CEO Jeff Colton from the company’s headquarters in California.

‘DayMen is well aware of the inconvenience and challenges that our retail customers have faced in Australia this year since we closed our Maxwell subsidiary. We regret things didn’t go well, but now we are on a strong new path.

‘We want to reassure Australian consumers and retailers alike that all stops will be pulled out to get products back into the appropriate stock depth and the promotions and retail visibility back to where it was.’

gpod_slr_zoom_ballhead_sony_sqSupplies from the previous distributor, TNS Connect will continue until December 20. CR Kennedy will start taking orders from Wednesday December 21. A second bulletin will advise dealers of all prices and SKU details.

‘We are absolutely delighted to bring Lowepro and Joby into the Kennedy stable of leading imaging brands,’ said Malcolm Kennedy, managing director of CR Kennedy.

‘Lowepro especially has built up a formidable and unmatched reputation in the Australian
market and we intend to get Lowepro and its innovative sister-brand Joby back to its former position of category leadership.

‘We know that retailers want to have reliable and affordable offerings in these categories. CR Kennedy’s track record will ensure retailers can look forward to a strong year ahead. It will be aided by many as-yet un-released and new product categories from both brands.’

For further information, contact Mark Cummins at CR Kennedy on (03 98231501) or your CR Kennedy representative in your respective State.

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