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IPS offers free dry lab ‘health checks’ and new inks

Independent Photographic Supplies (IPS) has announced a free dry lab health check service for all photographic dry lab owners in Australia and New Zealand, and has also taken on distribution of Champion Digital Inks for Noritsu dry labs, with both initiatives being rolled out at the Camera House AGM this weekend.

health-check_med_sizeThe ‘IPS Health Check Service’ helps the owner/operator identify if their dry lab is operating within acceptable manufacturer’s tolerances and is producing the best quality images free of banding and colour gamut profiling deficiencies.

Independent Photo said the dry lab health check is a unique service in Australia and New Zealand.

Champion Inks for Noritsu dry labs
‘Thirteen years ago Independent Photo opened up the Australian photo market to high quality, cost-competitive photographic chemistry under the CPAC chemistry brand for all manufacturers’ minilabs and pro lab printers,’ said Independent Photo managing director, Stuart Holmes. ‘This was fully technically supported by the ‘IPS Trusted QC Monitoring Service’, and IPS today is announcing another major milestone in the Australian and New Zealand photo industry with the availability of Champion Digital Inks for compatible Noritsu dry labs.

‘The Champion Digital Inks will be fully supported by IPS technical managers, who will provide digital colour profiling support at no charge for our customers,’ he said, adding that Champion Digital Inks have been developed and specifically matched to the technical requirements of Noritsu dry labs to ensure compatibility with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) inks, and are fully covered by Champion’s CDI Inks Warranty Statement.

championChampion is a well-known and long-established brand in the US and Europe, but this is the first time it has had Australian distribution.

IPS will be launching the Champion Ink Products along with the IPS free Dry Lab Health Check Service at the Camera House AGM in Sydney tomorrow (Oct 21).




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