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DJI opens first ‘drone city’ near Seoul

DJI, the world’s leading drone manufacturer, will open a DJI Arena in Korea next month to provide a ‘safe and enjoyable environment for customers to learn how to fly a drone and a gathering place for aerial enthusiasts.’

The DJI Arena will have drones jumping through hoops.
The DJI Arena will have drones jumping through hoops.

The 1395-square-metre arena is 50 kilometres south of Seoul, and will open in mid-August.

The indoor venue will be equipped with safety nets, an adjustable LED-lit circuit for those who want to test their skills, and a LCD TV for a more immersive experience via first-person view from their drone. A maintenance room will be fitted with charging docks and a workstation for people to do minor repairs.

‘DJI is committed to making aerial technology more accessible and easier to learn for anyone who wants to use it, and the DJI Arena is a great example,’ said Moon Tae -hyun, DJI Korea’s country manager. ‘We hope to provide a safe and fun environment for people to experience the technology first hand, whether they are skilled enthusiasts or someone who is just curious to learn. Best of all, the indoor venue will provide a space for people to fly all year round despite weather conditions outside.’

The DJI Arena will be open for individual and group bookings, corporate event rental and a venue for DJI’s ‘New Pilot Experience Program’ and workshops. For skilled drone pilots and UAV clubs, the arena can also offer the stage for more advanced flying experiences and drone racing.

Just four months ago, DJI opened its first overseas flagship store in Hongdae, Seoul. The Korea Flagship store has now become a gathering place for aerial enthusiasts to learn about DJI’s latest aerial platforms and camera equipment.


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