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DigiDirect, Canon partner in Westfield store

DigiDirect will launch a new kiosk in Westfield Chatswood shopping mall today ‘dedicated to the Canon system of products, services and experiences’.

The new Canon/DigiDirect venture is located on Level 4 at Westfield Chatswood.
The new Canon/DigiDirect venture is located on Level 4 at Westfield Chatswood.

‘We believe our customers have been searching for a destination just like this – a destination that shows the full potential of imaging in their lives,’ said Shant Kradjian, managing director, DigiDirect.

‘Canon offers a complete system of products, services and experiences, and this kiosk offers that in one place. It also allows us to test and change what we offer to give people the best experience possible.’

The compact kiosk (located on Level 4, a good distance from the Paxton store on Level 2) presents Canon’s range of cameras; lenses, printers, accessories and related services (which include its PhotoPico photo printing business and Canon Academy) ‘to help people learn, challenge themselves, be inspired and become part of a community of photographers,’ according to the press release.

The store is divided into three areas – novices, enthusiasts and advanced photographers.

‘Our vision was conceived well over 12 months ago and we are thrilled to see it become a reality,’ continued Shant. ‘We have gone through a rigorous selection process to select our staff, who are all passionate photographers with a love of sharing their knowledge and experience across the full imaging spectrum. We believe this is the first of its kind in our industry and would like to acknowledge the support and guidance of Troy Cabot – general manager, Sales, at Canon Australia and his team in making this dream a reality.’

DigiDirect sad it would be announcing a schedule of events over the coming weeks, including Masterclasses conducted by some of the best photographers in their field. The launch today will feature a fashion photo shoot with Canon ‘Master’, Daniel Linnet and a range of giveaways and free poster prints.

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