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Budget-priced VR headset from Kaiser Baas

Kaisere Baas has launched the VR-X headset, a sub $50 virtual reality headset powered by a user’s smartphone.
Angle-phone-insert-copyKaiser Baaas says the VR-X headset is the most affordable and simplest way to experience the new wave of VR. It uses smartphone sensors in tandem to provide an immersive experience.

With a huge library of VR apps available from Google Play Store and Apple App Store, including the popular Google Cardboard, VRSE, SBS On Demand VR, Discovery VR, InMind VR and Star Wars VR, the possibilities of Virtual Reality have only begun to emerge.

To view the VR app the user slides the smartphone into the protective phone bracket and secures the VR-X Headset using the adjustable straps. The head-strap and lenses are fully adjustable and the VR-X is completely wireless..

The VR-X has a 100-degree field of view and supports 3D effects.

Lens size: 42mm;
Screen Orientation: Stereoscopic;
3D Effect: Stereo side-by-side format for 3D pictures & videos;
Supporteds phone display size: 4 to 6-inches, and phone dimensions from 124mm x 59m to 158mm x 78mm;
Interpupillary adjustment, focal length adjustment: 10mm – 20mm

The Kaiser Baas VR-X Headset has an RRP of $49.95. Retailers can call 1800 665 774 for further information.

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