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Brands expands

Brands Australia has announced the appointment of Adeine Powell, in the role of Technical Support, based at the company’s Somerton (Melbourne) head office.

AdeineBrands Australia is authorised distributor of Polaroid instant imaging products, and ID Station biometric passport photo systems in Australia – and a member of the Biometrics Institute.

Adeine (pictured right) will provide additional customer service and support for the complete range of ID Station biometric passport systems throughout Australasia.

She has experience in the retail and commercial photographic industry, with a background in the passport business.

‘Our aim is to bring further customers throughout Australia the same experience that has flourished in other markets. We’ve worked hard to find the right people to introduce our brands in the market with a focus on tailoring our sales and marketing efforts to be relevant to the local market,’ explained John Rule, managing director of Brands Australia.

‘This is an exciting step for the Brands Australia group of companies as we now truly have a national presence, and with Adeine’s experience and reputation in the photo channel, bringing years of experience in the photographic trade, working in both the wholesale and retail sectors of the industry.

Adeine can be contacted on 1300 728606

Young interns
In addition to the new appointment, Brands Australia has embarked on an intern program, with two recent marketing graduates joining its marketing department.

Mr Peale Tran and Ms Gloria Ko will work closely with managing director, John Rule, to establish a stronger marketing presence for Polaroid instant imaging product, Impossible instant imaging and ID Station biometric passport photo systems. Brands Australia believes this opportunity will harness their expertise to target the financially significant youth market, thus increasing Polaroid’s Power Brand even further.

The program was established with the help of Monash University’s Department of Marketing to allow Brands Australia access to students in their penultimate year. Harnessing the marketing knowledge taught to students at Monash University, Brands Australia believes the opportunity will offer the interns invaluable experience working on world-renowned brand, Polaroid, and the exciting new biometric passports photo system, ID Station.

‘This initiative is consistent with Brands Australia’s commitment to identifying talented young Australians and giving them an opportunity to practice their craft,’ said John Rule.

‘Brands Australia wants to harness and develop their skills for their own professional development and future employment prospects. I look forward to Peale’s and Gloria’s involvement in the business and a mutual development.’

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