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Short Exposures: March 18

Leica gets with DigiDirect…Canon gets with National Geographic…APPO gets with NAPO…

Leica gets with DigiDirect
Leica  will open a new Leica Boutique Display in the King Street, Sydney outlet of DigiDirect on March 27.

The Lenny Kravtiz Leicas are in a limited edition of 125 worldwide. US price is set at US$24,500.
The pre-aged Lenny Kravtiz Leicas are in a limited edition of 125 worldwide. US price is set at US$24,500.

The store will feature a special edition leica – ‘The Limited Edition Leica M_P Type 240 Correspondent Set’, created by rock musician, Lenny Kravitz.

‘The Lenny Kravtiz M-P 240 Set will be a treat for all to see,’ stated the press release.

Kravitz is an avid Leica shooter who received his first Leica, a Leicaflex, as a gift from his father when he was 21.

‘We are thrilled to be bringing this customer-focused boutique experience featuring the premium photographic brand, Leica, to our DigiDirect customers. For us, opening a Leica Boutique in the heart of Sydney is an exciting evolution for our business and we look forward to serving the Leica community in Australia,’ said DigiDirect managing director, Shant Kradjian.

Canon gets with National Geographic
Canon Australia and National Geographic Channel have announced a six-part series, Tales by Light, featuring National Geographic’s Art Wolfe and four top Australian photographers.

Image by Art Wolfe
Image by Art Wolfe

It will premiere 8.30pm AEST on Sunday May 24 on the National Geographic Channel.

Tales By Light is the first television series produced by Canon Australia ‘and is a natural progression for the photographic brand’, explained Jason McLean, executive producer for the series and Canon’s director of Consumer Imaging.

‘The partnership with National Geographic Channel is a perfect fit for us given their dedication to telling powerful stories through captivating imagery.’

The series will be shot at 4K resolution and will feature: Art Wolfe (nature, landscape); Darren Jew (marine photography); Richard I’Anson (travel photographer); Peter Eastway (landscape); and Krystle Wright (extreme sports).

APPO gets with NAPO
The international ‘Association of Personal Photo Organizers‘ is now officially affiliated with The National Association of Professional Organizers (of the USA), as NAPO focuses on ‘building collaborative relationships with organisations whose missions are in alignment with NAPO’s focus on promoting (the) professional organiser and the organising industry.’

APPOAPPO is a membership association that trains, supports and provides industry tools to its members, known as Personal Photo Organisers, equipping them to rescue, manage, organise and save clients’ photos, allowing them to easily find, preserve and share their stories. NAPO, on the other hand is a group of approximately 4000 professional organisers dedicated to helping individuals and businesses bring order and efficiency to their live. So one group sorts out your photos, the other sorts out your entire life.

At the NAPO 2015 conference in Los Angeles this year, APPO will lead a session on best practices in digital photo organising.

APPO has more than 500 members throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia (6) and New Zealand (1). It offers monthly training and certification.

The recent publicity on the challenge of organising and preserving photos in the digital era, stemming from comments by Vint Cerf, could give this niche business of bringing order to a family’s photo collection a higher profile. But the industry needs to somehow get the message out that this kind of help is available. – A  browse of the APPO website indicates the last time the association issued a press release was 2013!






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