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Seagate offers 200GB ‘free’ OneDrive space

Seagate Technology has announced it will throw in 200GB of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage with its Backup Plus family of external storage drives.

backup-plus-black-profile-gallery-multicolor-400x400Seagate also announced a new 4TB Backup Plus single external drive ‘in a sleek 20.5mm form factor’.

The hardware is supported by Seagate Dashboard software for easy backups, and for photographers, the Backup Plus family of external drives will now feature the ‘Lyve’ app and service, which assists users manage their digital image files.

The Lyve software (by the way, there’s a free version for Windows and Mac and on the two app stores if you don’t actually want to buy a Seagate drive!) helps to organise photos and video files, and synchronises and de-duplicates collections across all devices. It’s compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X. It combines all photos and videos from all devices into a single collection.

Adding a Seagate Backup Plus external hard drive to a Lyve account delivers access, management and organisation, plus an affordable way to ensure that all original full-resolution photos and videos are collected and safely stored in one place – the Seagate Backup Plus hard drive.

The combination also clears space on smartphone, tablet or PC drives for more efficient operation.

Backup Plus external hard drives and Dashboard software enables scheduled or ad hoc backup as well as Facebook and Flickr backup. A Backup Plus drive used in conjunction with the Seagate Mobile Backup app, can also be used to back up a mobile device wirelessly while on a network and by use of a cloud service while away from the home network.

The USB 3.0 bus-powered 4TB Seagate Backup Plus portable drive has an RRP of $289. The 12mm thick Seagate Backup Plus Slim (also USB 3.0), has an RRP $109 for 1TB and $169 2TB. Colour options are red, black, silver and blue.

The Seagate Backup Plus Desktop drive, which includes an AC power adapter and USB 3.0, is now available in capacities ranging from 2TB for $129 to 8TB for $599.

COMMENT: Here’s Seagate launching a product which is all about image file collections – hence the story above. So I jump on the local Seagate website to see which outlets from photo retail are stocking Seagate drives. They list six big retailers as stockists, and no photo specialists. Double checking, neither Ted’s, Camera House, Michaels or DCW stock Seagate drives. Someone needs to pick up a phone! 

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