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PMA outlines ‘four pillars’ framework

PMA CEO Georgia McCabe has announced a ‘four pillars’ framework for future PMA activities.

PMA-logo200‘We have conducted interviews, scheduled in-person visits and made phone calls. We have attended conferences all over the world; we have surveyed the industry; and we have gathered leading representatives from across the imaging spectrum for a two-day strategic retreat, held last month in Virginia,’ noted Georgia McCabe in prefacing the new direction, co-signed by PMA president, Gaby Mullinax.

Following the two-day meeting in Virginia, the PMA executive committee voted unanimously, on May 13, 2015, for the direction outlined below.

‘…We have determined four key pillars that will be the cornerstones on which we will build the new PMA,’ wrote Georgia McCabe.

• Empower businesses to effectively serve and sell to the consumer: This will be via initiatives such as National Photo Month. The National Photo Month website will ‘transition to a permanent consumer-facing site,, to keep the excitement growing on an ongoing basis.’
• Evangelize, advocate and promote overall industry interests: ‘PMA will advocate on behalf on the industry to encourage positive press and government action in favour of photography businesses, developing an outreach strategy for educating and informing federal agencies about the real consumer benefits that flow directly from local businesses.’
• Provide knowledge and expertise, so the photography businesses can grow and thrive: Via improved communication to members. In addition to PMA Newsline, PMA Magazine, and PMA Podcasts, there will be a new PMA website which appears to be intended to incorporate a Forums section for specific interests such as digital imaging marketing, entrepreneurial photo imaging, school portrait photography, sports photography, professional picture framing and photo equipment repair and new, future interest groups.  There will be a greater focus on research. A new photo business and technology summits is also proposed, with the first event to take place in California in (southern hemisphere) spring.
• Create, support and promote industry-related guidelines and conventions: ‘PMA will develop common conventions and guidelines that allow open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), standards and ‘future proof’ interoperability to remove the barriers to greater consumer action around photo products and services.’
PMA will also develop certification programs and best practice guidelines, as well as a ‘train the trainer’ program for PMA members.

PhotoCounter has requested further information regarding the structure of PMA in Australia, and how Australian members can participate in PMA. See separate story.

One Comment

  1. Discouraged current PMA member Discouraged current PMA member May 26, 2015

    The “four pillars” appear to be very US centric and full of corporate speak, aimed at the corporate bosses of? It will require a huge revenue stream that the ever dwindling membership can not provide on it’s own.

    What is missing is the “roof” the roof being the networking opportunities that PMA was always known for. Providing opportunities for all parts of the photo industry to get together and share ideas. Giving us the opportunity to look outside the group that you may already be a member of.

    I would have thought in the past 5-6 months there might have been a members Facebook page, who better than Georgia to have facilitated this?

    To bring PMA back, at least in Australia to any level will be a big ask after being absent all year.

    Are there alternatives? watch this space!

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