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PMA hikes membership fees

PMA members in Australia were last week sent invoices for US$295 ($415 in Australia and NZ$460 in New Zealand) to renew their PMA membership.

PMA-Header-Logo-4In fact the original invoices were for US$495, but these were cancelled, with new invoices issued several days later at the lower rate.

The $415 rate still represents an increase of around 100 percent for most Australian members, who in 2014/15 were offered an introductory rate of $95 and a standard renewal rate of $180.

The increase in PMA fees has been accompanied by a reduction in member services in Australia, associated with the closure of the PMA Australia office. PMA has indicated that in the short term, at least, the association will not be tailoring any specific efforts to Australia, Europe or Asia.

PMA Australia currently has around 250 members, with more than half of these PPFA members (the PPFA has now been sold to US conference organiser Monarch Expositions) and the rest made up of colour labs, schools photographers, photographic wholesalers – and retailers. There are less than 100 – possibly closer to 50 – photo retail stores in the Australian branch of the association.

Australians businesses represent approximately 10 percent of the association’s worldwide membership. There are only two PMA members listed in New Zealand. Australia currently has more PMA members than Canada and is second only to the US in member numbers.




  1. PG PG September 2, 2015

    I would join for a reasonable rate for old times sake, but without any office here or at least something more than promises I can’t see the value in it especially as an IPI member.

    New Zealand has a working PMA still and self funded, they closed their office down years ago but managed to retain members and hold on to their substantial bank balance for use in the future.

    • PG PG September 2, 2015

      PS I never received a renewal advice.

  2. Georgia McCabe Georgia McCabe September 8, 2015

    While delighted to see your recent keen interest in PMA over the last several months, we would like to clarify and place into context your story on the changes to the PMA membership rates.

    The most important issues is that we have changed the structure of membership from individual members to corporate membership; this means that all employees within the photographic companies can receive the benefits of PMA membership such as insurance, logistics and many other services we will be launching in the coming months. This structural change has naturally led to a reasonable increase in membership fees, however, not in all membership categories. We feel this is more than matched by the increase in benefits.

    A secondary contributing factor has been the unfortunate shift in exchange rates that has seen the Australian Dollar depreciate by over 25% against the US Dollar during the past year. Since many of the PMA’s costs are denominated in US Dollars this is a factor that unfortunately has to be passed in membership fees.

    We hope that the Australian and New Zealand PMA members will appreciate these changes and understand the benefits that PMA membership brings and the good value it represents. In addition to the immediate benefits for members, we are also working on a number of global initiatives that we will be unveiling at the PMA’s InnovationNow Summit in San Francisco on September 27th and 28th – to which all Australian and New Zealand PMA members are warmly invited to attend in person. They will be able to have access to all of the recorded sessions on our website after the conference has concluded. We are happy to have Paul Atkins from Atkins Photo Lab presenting at the summit among other individuals from around the world. Including some important Silicon Valley stakeholders.

    In addition PMA is partnering with DPreview for PIX 2015 ( , a new, live-streamed event that will be held in Seattle on October 6th & 7th, 2015. We are featuring a unique “How It’s Made” consumer pavilion. This pavilion will feature a Creative Lounge & Marketplace, and we are working with a professional designer to incorporate products created by our members in a beautifully designed space so that consumers can experience what it feels like to create and live with exciting new products. Gaby Mullinax, PMA President and President of Fullerton Photographics, Inc., will serve as the spokesperson for the marketplace. In addition, PMA is developing a “Photo App Bar” at PIX2015 where attendees can experience some of the newest photo apps available. Our How it’s Made Creative Lounge & Marketplace as well as our event sponsors will be recorded and have continued visibility on Amazon Prime.

    I am looking forward to my trip to Australia in October for the Digital Show in Melbourne. I am hoping that I will have an opportunity to meet with many of the members from Australia and New Zealand.


    Georgia McCabe
    Chief Executive Officer

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