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Panasonic announces new Lumix prime lenses

Panasonic Australia has announced May release of two new digital interchangeable lenses for the Lumix G Series range: the Lumix G 42.5mm/F1.7 ASPH./Power OIS; and the Lumix G Macro 30mm/ F2.8 ASPH/Mega OIS.

Lumix42.5mmThe Lumix G 42.5mm/F1.7 offers a 42.5mm middle-telephoto focal length (equivalent to 85mm on a 35 mm camera), ideal for portraits. The lens features an f1.7 high-speed aperture that allows for shallow depth-of-field. It has a minimum focusing distance of 31cm, ideal for close-up shots such as food photography.

The Lumix G Macro 30mm/F2.8 features a 30mm (35mm camera equivalent: 60mm) The lens has a maximum 1x magnification and an outstanding closest focusing distance of around 10cm, for true-to-life macro shots of subjects such as flowers or jewellery.

Lumix30mmBoth lenses incorporate an inner focus system, which enables excellent resolution and contrast from close-up to infinity. The lens system includes an aspherical lens to suppress spherical aberration and distortion. The stepping motor makes the focusing action smooth and silent for use in both photo and video recording.

When mounted on Lumix G cameras, the lenses take advantage of the high-speed, high-precision Contrast AF system. They are also compatible with the sensor drive at a maximum 240 fps to take advantage of Lumix G cameras with high-speed AF.

Both new lenses have a high-quality metal design and mount, designed to be reliable and durable in the field. The 42.5mm lens is available in metallic black and silver, and the 30mm in metallic black.

‘These new lenses are designed to be affordable portrait and macro lens solutions – ideal for consumers purchasing their first interchangeable lens camera; or for those adding to their lens kit to broaden their creative capabilities,’ said Doug Campbell, senior product manager, Imaging Group, Panasonic Australia.

Local pricing is still to come. US pricing for each of these lenses is US$400 (around $510).

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