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New Tamron f2.8 15-30mm

Tamron has made another step into the premium, full-frame lens category with the February release of its SP 15-30mm F/2.8 Di VC USD (Model A012) for full-frame Canon and Nikon cameras, with a Sony mount model to come.

tamron_a012_It has an RRP of $1599. The new lens joins the full frame f2.8 15mm and f2.8 200mm in the range which means, according to the press release, that ‘professionals can use Tamron products exclusively for the first time.’

The lens features vibration compensation (VC). It has 18 elements in 13 groups, including, an XGM (expanded glass molded aspherical) lens element, several molded-glass aspherical elements and low dispersion (LD) elements. Tamron says that aberrations such as geometrical distortion and lateral colour are corrected using this combination, and the lens is able to deliver outstanding image quality throughout its entire zoom range from corner to corner.

Other features with impressive acronyms include ‘extended bandwidth & angular-dependency’ (eBand) coating and ‘broad-band anti-reflection’ (BBAR) coating.

‘This combination offers superior anti-reflection properties especially important in ultra-wide-angle lenses which are particularly susceptible to flare and ghosting due to their wide angle of view, and provides superior quality and crystal-clear images by minimising unwanted light reaching the sensor.’

With the combination of a full-frame sensor and the lens’ f2.8-delivered depth of field control, bokeh lovers will be attracted to this lens. It also has a 9-bladed circular diaphragm to enhance the look of defocussed areas of an image.

Fluorine coating on the front element helps repels water and dirt, and makes it easier to remove smudges.

The ultrasonic silent drive (USD) is complemented by a full-time manual focus mechanism accessible without the photographer needing to exit AF mode.

The lens hood is designed to prevent light from striking lens at all focal lengths.

It comes with ‘Silkypix Developer Studio for Tamron’ Raw image processing software.

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  1. Foto Nunta Foto Nunta February 2, 2015

    Let’s see if this lens will be the long awaited Nikon 12-24 killer 🙂

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