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New owner embraces Tamrac brand

Gura Gear, the small Utah-based maker of prestige camera bags which picked up the much larger Tamrac brand when it was in Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year, has now phased out its Gura Gear line and shifted its entire portfolio to the Tamrac brand.

The Tamrac logo has featured a likeness of the Tamarack Pine since the 1970s.
The Tamrac logo has featured a likeness of the Tamarack Pine since the 1970s.

Tamrac has built its brand over almost four decades and Gura Gear has now opted to fully exploit its new asset. When it acquired Tamrac it gained access to a far larger international distribution network. Tamrac is distributed in Australia by CR Kennedy.

‘We aren’t interested in resting on our reputation, so to grow and spread our ideas to a wider audience, we bought Tamrac,’ the company explained. ‘A brand with a nearly 40 year heritage and a global network. Now, we’ve taken the best of Gura Gear, injected it into the all-new Tamrac and would like to welcome you to the Tamrac family.

‘Tamrac has been around for nearly 40 years, has greater brand equity, is easier to remember, spell and say, and we simply like it better.’

The new Tamrac seems to be saying it will be moving its range up-market: ‘So moving forward, new Tamrac bags will be the product of the same design philosophies, materials, and craftsmanship as Gura Gear bags of old. The new Tamrac G-Elite G32 and G26 are the first new bags ‘built on Gura Gear’s DNA.’

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  1. Rick Grogan Rick Grogan December 31, 2018

    Tamrac has been a highly respected brand of American camera bags , backpacks and photo accessories since the 1970’s. I personally have owned three shoulder bags including an #828 World Correspondent bag which is by far the best photo bag I have ever owned. All have been purchased in the U.S.
    Unfortunately, the brand has never been well represented in Australia, and although C.R. Kennedy is a long standing and excellent photo importer, they bring in a very basic range of Tamrac products. Now that Gura Gear has aquired Tamrac and the combination of both brands is resulting in some great new products, it would be nice if C.R. Kennedy would broaden the range somewhat for Australian photographers. I recently purchased a Tamrac Anvil 17 photo backpack from B & H photo in New York and even with the less than ideal exchange rate plus shipping and GST, it was well worth it. Fantastic backpack.

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