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New lens shade extends shooting options

Brands Australia has announced local availability of the Flex Lens Shade, which attaches to a lens or lens hood via a velcro wrap to extend shade coverage when shooting towards the sun or another light source.

LensshadeThe Lens Shade is made out of a ballistic nylon shell and has double stitch sewing on the seams for added durability. It stores flat so it takes up almost no room in a camera bag and weighs about 30g.

It’s also waterproof, providing protection from rain.

Being flexible, it lets the photographer shape the shade to cover the angle of the sun, or bend it up out of the way if a little lens flare is part of the image equation.

The Flex Lens Shade will extend a photographer’s options to, for instance, shooting portraits with the sun behind the subject to achieve a rim-lit effect.

RRP for the smaller version of the Flex Lens Shade is $69.95, while the larger model is $89.99. (For retailers, these prices include a generous margin.)

 Call 1300 728 606 for more details.

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