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New Instax for Digital Show

Fujifilm Australia will debut its new Instax Mini 70 (aka ‘instax mini 70’) at The Digital Show (Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Oct 16-18), with global release date set for October 23.
Fujifilm-Instax-70The Mini 70 will come in three colours, feature improved auto exposure which factors in both the main subject and background, and has a ‘Selfie’ mode.

Fujifilm says the camera ‘delivers images with a natural brightness even for indoor shots, which normally tend to have a dark background.’

It uses 86x54mm instant film which produces 62x46mm prints (about 2×2.5-inches).

In the Mini 70’s Selfie mode users can press the selfie button when shooting, so that the camera can automatically adjust the focal length and brightness to the level optimised for selfie shots. There’s a selfie mirror beside the lens to check the framing and make sure one’s hair is perfectly arranged.

Other shooting features include a self-timer, a Macro mode for close-up shots at a minimum of 30cm from the subject, and a ‘Landscape’ mode.

Price? An educated guess based on os press releases – there are no local release details as yet – would be something in the low $200s – maybe $220 – 230.

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