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Minox focuses in on Aussie market

CR Kennedy has further expanded its broad product portfolio, assuming distribution of the premium, Made-in-Germany Minox binocular range. .

minoxMinox originally established back in the day as a manufacturer of ‘subminiature cameras’ and spycams, but now focuses on cutting-edge binoculars produced in its factory in Weltzar, Germany.

CR Kennedy will be distributing the BL Series and BL HD Series, as well as the newest HG Series and APO HG Series of binoculars.

The APO HG Series is made with high-quality ED glass, has sharp and quick focusing, offers 21 layers of M* multicoating to reduce reflection and ‘the silver-bearing Minobright reflection of the phase-corrected roof prisms’. (Which must be a good thing!)

Minox offers high-tech, premium quality for the highest demands and a comprehensive range of features. The use of high-tech special glass, precisely-constructed lens systems and first class coatings provide Minox binoculars with an excellent, high contrast image quality.

And all Minox binoculars come with a 30-year warranty – a timeframe that surely even the ACCC couldn’t quibble with!

The BL HD Series price range begins at $999 for 8 x 33, up to $1395 for a 10 x 52 pair.

The HG Series begin at $1695 for a 8 x 33 pair of binoculars, with the 10 x 52 being the most expensive at $1995. As for the APO HG Series, they come in 8 x 43 and 10 x 43 models, and are both priced at $2496.

CR Kennedy will also distribute a supporting range of Minox binocular accessories.

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