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Lexar keeps is simple

Lexar is helping retail staff and consumers make sense of  the alphabet soup of jargon surrounding memory capacity and performance with simple, downloadable graphical charts for its microSD, SD, CompactFlash and USB ranges.

The charts cut through the jargon to describe in clear terms exactly what all those letters and numbers and icons associated with memory actually deliver.

The comparative performance of, and applications for, the Lexar SD card range is illustrated in an easy-to-follow one-page graphic.

The charts lists the Lexar memory products suitable for use in cameras and camcorders, their speed and suitability for various applications such as capturing 4K video. Customers can click on a simple calculator to work out what capacity in each of the models is suitable for their needs.

The separate USB chart shows at a glance the performance of the 12 models in the Lexar Jumpdrive USB range.

The chart shows whether the Jumpdrive model is USB 3.0 or USB 2.0, the read and write speeds, numbers of photos and minutes of video each capacity can hold, whether the model comes with on-stick encryption software, and compatibility with operating systems.

The charts are an easy introduction to memory card performance for store staff and will assist them in helping customers chose the best product for their specific application.

‘We developed this tool to help the channel get their head around all that memory mish mash,’ Mathew Luu, Lexar marketing manager, Asia Pacific, told PhotoCounter. ‘We don’t believe any other vendor has produced something like this.’

Mathew said the charts are available for use by Lexar memory retailers and Lexar-supporting retailers can even embed them in their own websites.

To access the SD, microSD and CompactFlash Card Selector, click here. To access the USB Comparison chart, click here.


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