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Kayell, Canson team up for printing program

Kayell Australia is offering advanced inkjet photo printing training via its ‘Canson Certified Master’ printer program.

A ‘Canson Certified Master Printer’ is ‘capable of rigorously and consistently producing inkjet prints of the highest possible aesthetic and technical quality.’

The program costs $198 per ICC profile and commences with the custom profiling of a specific Canson media matched to an Epson Photo Stylus printer, with Dr Les Walkling. The custom profile is then applied in an ISO3664-2009 and ISO12646-2008 compliant colour managed workflow that includes specific working and viewing conditions.

Every six months a standardised test file is printed via this workflow and submitted for verification against six colorimetric and four visual criteria. Passing this evaluation procedure certifies that tools, procedures and working conditions remain within specification. Maintaining these exacting standards ensures retention of the title of Canson Certified Master Printer.

Annual seminars and on-site consultations support the program.

As an added incentive to those who qualify for and take up the Master Printer program, Kayell Australia is offering free entry into its Advanced Fine Art Print and Colour Management Techniques seminar valued, normally valued at $75.


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