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IPI attracts local contingent

The IPI International Print + Imaging Conference (IPIC 2015) taking place in Las Vegas July will have a healthy contingent of representatives from Australia and New Zealand eager to network with colleagues from around the world and learn from best practice retailers in a range of categories.

This year's IPIC will be held at the Green Valley Ranch complex in Las Vegas.
This year’s IPIC will be held at the Green Valley Ranch complex in Las Vegas.

Among those attending this year are Paul Shearer, general manager, Camera House, and Camera House members Nigel Roper and Louise Miller. (All Camera House members have  IPI membership, as part of an arrangement negotiated by local IPI afffiliate, Independent Photo.)

Carly Michael (Michael’s CVD) will head up one of the 50+ sessions, and she will discuss the resurgence of film-based photography.

Another two attendees are Alan Logue (Hutt Street Photos, Adelaide) and Jill Boswell (Snapshot Cameras, Hamilton, NZ). Photo Counter asked them both what they hoped to gain from taking a week away from their businesses to be at IPIC:

Jill Boswell – currently in the process of moving Snapshot Cameras to larger, better located premises – said she is particularly looking forward to the launching of IPI’s ‘Vision Project – a new photo retail business model designed for today’.

Australian conference goers at IPIC 2014.
Australian conference goers at IPIC 2014.

‘Rather than compete with mobile phones we have decided to embrace the technology in our new store,’ said Jill. ‘This the perfect opportunity to mix with like-minded retailers to see how they are embracing mobile technology’.

IPIC 2015 will also provide Jill with opportunities to hear and see what works for others in the areas of education and printing solutions.

And from Alan Logue, writing from Los Angleles: ‘Our main aim is to see what is new in marketing (I’ve already seen some interesting stuff here in LA) and to see the new marketing solutions plan which has been updated.

‘I’m not sure about new products (but I’ll be looking) but the simple thing of being able to talk to other like-minded retailers will make it worthwhile.

‘I’m not so naive as to think we know it all, and I suspect that we will be picking up ideas on new services that we can integrate into the offers we already have.

‘We are doing tons of photo, neg and slides and scanning them to discs – I’m looking at how we can add value to those orders, over and above a simple slideshow of the scans.

‘I’m looking for ways to improve our video to DVD services, and offer more.

‘Beers and drinks and meals will also be a great way for sussing out other little things that we can improve,’ he added.

IPIC 2015’s Australian and New Zealand attendees:
Jill Boswell
Snapshot Cameras (NZ)
Paul Gilbert
RGB Digital
Stuart Holmes
Independent Photographic Supplies
Cameron Levett
Michaels Camera Video Digital
Alan Logue
Hutt Street Photos
Catherine Logue
Hutt Street Photos
Carly Michael
Michaels Camera Video Digital
Louise Miller
Griffith Camera House
Bruno Polito
Independent Photographic Supplies
Nigel Roper
Camera House
Paul Shearer
Camera House
David Slade
Independent Photographic Supplies

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