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Hoya announces tough new filters

Japanese glass manufacturer, Hoya has announced three new tough filters under the Fusion banner. The new line of lens filters come in Protector, UV, and Circular Polarizer, and have a coating which prevents dust, water and fingerprints from sticking to the surface.

fusion1The company describes the coating as a ‘force field’ around the filter which require less frequent cleaning than traditional filters, perfect for environments where dust is common – which is just about everywhere!

The Fusion filters are made in Japan using hand selected silicates that are carefully smelted and blended to yield high performance optical glass. Hoya then carefully applies a nine-layer Super Multi-coating formula which reduces or eliminates reflections on the surface of the glass and yields high light transmission rates. This gives the filter virtually no effect on the colour balance, contrast, or clarity of the final image, Hoya says.

The top layer is antistatic making it water-repellant, stain and scratch resistant and cleans easily when smudges or fingerprints are ‘introduced to the surface’.

The Protector filter is neutral and acts simply as a protection to the front of a lens. The UV filter cuts out haze which comes from ultra-violet light in landscape and scenic shots.

The Circular Polarizer cuts surface glare and reflections from glossy objects, and increases colour saturation.

A low-profile design on the aluminium frame also stops vignetting when a wide-angle lens is used on a camera, ensuring the lens mount doesn’t appear in the corner of a frame.

The new Hoya Fusion filters come in a range of sizes, from 37mm to 82mm and prices start at around AU$57 for a 37mm protector filter.

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