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Equipment bargains follow store closures

After three years giving photo retailing a red hot go down at Watt’s Camera Centre in  Burnie, Tasmania (formerly Winters), Rob and Robyn Watt have decided to pack up and head back to New Zealand, putting virtually their entire inventory of photo printing equipment up for sale.panorIn what appears to be a rare bargain for anyone seeking to fit out a new photo retailing outlet, Rob is offering the entire package – Noritsu QSS lab, Epson wide format printers, Kodak kiosks, scanners, finishing equipment and much more, for just $20,000.  Alternatively, items are offered separately at the prices shown below.

Here’s the full inventory:
Epson Professional Scanner V700:  $500
Kodak DL2100 duplex dye-sub printer (photobooks and calendars): $500
Epson wide format desktop printer (24-inch). Mint condition with full inks ($200) each: $2000
Epson wide format (44-inch) printer. Needs flush: $800
Noritsu QSS-3300 digital photo printer: $9000
Kodak Kiosks all latest V8 Software one at: $1800 ( cost $4000)
Kodak Kiosks x3: $1200 each
Noritsu QSF V30 Film Developer: $500 (with free spare part machine)
Ricoh sublimation printer and gear (presses)for making mugs,T-shirts: $1800
Presses for calendar and photobooks: $200
Computers x 4: 100.00 each
Kodak 6850 Printer: $500
Kodak 12-inch printer: $500

TOTAL $ 22,100 – say $20,000. Willing to sell as a business start-up bulk lot for $20K with a $10K deposit and the balance to be paid over 6 months.

Purchaser responsible for collection and freight. Training provided.

Call Rob Watt on or 03 64317157

But wait, there’s more!
Kodak-kiosk– Just as we were putting this together, Paxtons called with no less than seven Kodak G4x kiosks loaded with the latest Kodak software.

Paxtons is closing its Bondi outlet and the kiosks are surplus to requirements.

We are told they are ‘priced for a quick sale’ but price is on application.

Contact Tony Payne at  or 0402 228 955






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