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Elk-skin straps from Brands Australia

Brands Australia is continuing to expand it accessory range with the introduction to Australia of Eddycam elk-skin leather camera straps.

EddyThese high end camera straps are perfectly suited to enthusiasts and professionals looking for the best in style and functionality – with particular appeal to those seeking something distinctive.

Elk-skin leather is one of the thickest leathers in the world, and also one of the finest. It has unparalleled elasticity enhanced by a special tanning process in a Finnish tannery that specialises in elk-skin. The soft and skin-friendly surface, ergonomic strap shape, adjustable length and pure natural rubber padding, attached with solvent-free adhesive, all contribute to a premium strap that doesn’t pull or pinch the neck or shoulder – even after hours of wear.

The design, use of Scandinavian elk-skin leather and painstaking production in a small German factory give the Eddycam strap a unique combination of comfort and durability.

Natural rubber padding is placed between the cut out leather pieces and attached with solvent-free adhesive, then the leather is pressed together.

Key features:
eddy2– Webbing is quintuple-stitched with special thread (4700 N tensile strength);
– Non-breakable stainless steel length adjustment clips and sturdy polypropylene connecting elements;
– Every Eddycam is unique because every piece of elk-skin leather is different – showing small scratches from the animal’s past injuries, bruises from territorial fights and tiny scars left by insect bites;
– 100 versions: eight colours, 17 different colour combinations, each in three widths, three lengths and three configurations;
– Guaranteed for five years;
– Entirely hand-made, with final quality control inspection prior to embossing with the Eddycam logo.

Retail prices for Eddycam straps start at $129.95, with a generous dealer margin. Visit for more details and contact Brands Australia: 1300 728 606 for dealer pricing. Brands Australia is now accepting orders for Q3 delivery.

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