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Digital Show takes shape

The Digital Show, to be held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, October 16 – 18, is beginning to take shape, with a ‘pitch book’ out to potential exhibitors giving an outline of how the show will work.

Draft advertising poster for The Digital Show.
Draft advertising poster for The Digital Show.

Of the big camera companies, Olympus, Nikon, CR Kennedy (Ricoh, Pentax Hasselblad) and Leica are confirmed as exhibitors, with Nikon taking the largest exhibition space.

Other leading exhibitors include Epson, Kayell, IPS, Adeal, Camera Electronic (Perth), Maxwell and L&P.

While Canon has not yet taken exhibition space, it will have a strong presence via its sponsorship of the Australian Professional Photography Awards (Canon APPAs), which are once again taking place on the show floor.

Show organiser Robert Gatto told PhotoCounter that positive meetings continue with other key prospective exhibitors such as Samsung and Panasonic.

Beyond photographic products exhibitors Tesla, the US electric car manufacturer,  will have a presence at the show.

Exhibitors will have the option to sell products from their stands: ‘We are continuing our commitment to offer attendees the opportunity to purchase show floor specials. Offers will vary by supplier and are usually on a first come, first serve basis until sold out,’ explains The Digital Show website.

Tickets for general public attendance this year will be $15 with pre-registration, with a premium added for those who purchase tickets on the day. Attendees  who pre-register will have access over the three days of the event, while tickets bought at the show will be for one day only.

CrowdBeyond the exhibition stands, there will be a photo exhibition along the concourse outside the exhibition hall, ‘The Concourse Print Gallery’, as well as another image gallery on the show floor, which will feature both still images and video. 4K video will be a specific focus for The Digital Show.

The main show theatre will accommodate 400 people, and there will be another four ‘Creative Corner’ workshop spaces running three workshops/day on topics such as macro photography, food photography, portrait photography, and home inkjet printing.

Bus Shelter advertising mock-up for The Digital Show.
Bus Shelter advertising mock-up for The Digital Show.

There’s a greater emphasis on sponsorship of components of the show in 2015, with image galleries, theatres, workshop spaces and even individual speakers available to potential sponsors.

The marketing budget for The Digital Show will exceed $200,000, according to IDEA, and will include online and print magazines, social media, outdoor advertising and radio ads on 3AW and Fox FM.

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