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CR Kennedy to distribute F-stop bags

CR Kennedy has announced another elite brand to join its expanding portfolio, taking on distributorship of US-based F-stop Mountain Series camera bags.

The 80 litre Shinn bag is rather ideal for documentary photographers and cinemographers.
The 80 litre Shinn bag is purpose built for documentary photographers and cinematographers.

With the prestige ONA brand, along with Vanguard, Tamrac, Black Rapid bags and straps and now the  ‘expedition ready’ F-stop Mountain Series, the CR Kennedy range is unparalleled in the Australian photo industry.

The F-stop Mountain Series ‘breaks the mould’ in terms of functionality, comfort and build quality – an ideal fit for photographers planning to spend hours out in the field or travelling long distances.

The company’s designers collaborated with photographers – including Australia’s own Josh Caple and Colby Brown – to guarantee that customers hauling expensive equipment through the most hostile environments will not need to worry about their gear being protected. And it’ll stay pretty neat and organised, too!

The 40 litre Anja pack.
The 40 litre Anja pack.

The Mountain Series is made up of the Shinn, Sukha, Tilopa, Ajna, Lotus, and Kashmir UL bags. Each bag has a specialised purpose – the 80 litre Shinn is equipped for cinematographers carrying large video rigs and super telephoto set-ups, whereas the 40 litre Ajna is versatile and low-profile.

The Sukha can hold 70 litres and can accommodate super telephoto lenses with mounted bodies or video set ups. It’s water and abrasion resistant, and has plenty of options for customisation.

The 50-litre Tilopa is built for the back country, and can is equipped with attachment points and compartments for the adventurous photographers – from avalanche gear, skis and poles.

Lotus can carry 32 litres and is a low-profile bag that looks just as good in an urban setting as it would being lugged through alpine regions. And the Kashmire UL (Ultra Light) is designed specifically for a women’s frame, with specially designed shoulder straps and a shorter frame.

Each of the bags standard features include:
– Premium components and materials for durability and efficiency;
– Manufactured from lightweight materials;
– Abrasion resistant fabric;
– Water and weather resistant materials;
– Hydration port for H20 routing (easy drinking water access);
– Fine-tune suspension system that protects and tightens the load.

The bags are available in nasturtium (orange), aloe (drab green), anthracite (black), and Malibu blue. Each bag can be further customised at an additional cost.

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