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Canon steps up 8K technology

Canon Australia has announced a trio of new technology developments which it says will find their way into new products in the future.

Canon is developing a Cinema EOS System 8K camera and professional-use 8K display that will support the production of next-generation 8K video content, along with a 120-megpixel CMOS sensor for use in a future EOS SLR.
image008The Cinema EOS System 8K camera being developed will be equipped with a Canon Super 35mm-equivalent CMOS sensor for 8192 x 4320 pixel (approximately 35-megapixels) images even at 60 fps. Canon claims it will have a 13-stop dynamic range and wide colour gamut.

‘Featuring a body size that realises outstanding mobility and a design that delivers high levels of operability’ (small and easy to use?) the new camera will also be EF mount.

The 8K ‘reference display currently under development will achieve high brightness, high contrast (high dynamic range) and a wide colour gamut.’

It will have a pixel density of over 300 pixels per inch, ‘a level approaching the limit of human visibility’ which will ‘make possible ultra-realistic imaging that enables the reproduction of subtle changes in light that were previously not possible.’

The 120-megapixel SLR will incorporate a Canon-developed CMOS sensor and will also be EF-mount.

‘The high-resolution images that the camera will be capable of producing will recreate the three-dimensional texture, feel and presence of subjects, making them appear as if they are really before one’s eyes,’ stated the press release.


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