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Brands Australia expands ID Station range

Brands Australia has announced two new biometric passport photo systems: Fast ID is a low-cost (from $1999) biometric passport photo system designed for smaller format stores, pharmacies, and post offices; while Self ID is a ‘self-serve’ biometric passport photo kiosk type set-up aimed at government organisations, international embassies, and large format stores.

Both new systems use ID Station Biometric software, which checks each photo against over 30 specific biometric measurements for passport photos and ensures they meet the criteria set out by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT).

Brands Australia is a member of the Biometrics Institute of Australia, and is a market leader in biometric passport technology. It now offers four systems across a wide range of budgets to make setting up a passport & ID photo business as easy as possible.

Fast ID: Low-cost, wireless system
FastID_picFast ID consists of a Smart Camera and a Wi-Fi printer. The Fast ID Smart Camera is pre-loaded with the ID Station biometrics software, perfect for small stores where space is at a premium. With built-in WiFi, the camera connects, transmits, and prints photos wirelessly, without the need for removing an SD card or plugging in a cable. By keeping peripherals to a minimum, Fast ID has been designed as a low-cost entry into the ID Photo market, allowing small and/or low-turnover stores to take advantage of the high-profit ID Photo business.

Self-ID: Self-serve biometric passport photos
Self-IDPerfectly suited for embassies and government departments with a high volume of visa/licence/passport and other ID photo requirements, the Self ID is a self-serve system that takes the necessity of an operator out of the equation. It comes complete with touch-screen interface, built-in camera, LED lighting, illuminated background, stool, and printer – a complete turnkey solution.

Self-ID can be set up in any area and allow customers to take their own passport photo, select from over 60 country templates, and print out the photo straight from the machine. Self ID can be placed on a ticket basis that allows the consumer to pre-purchase a code to use the system, or have an operator input a pass code to allow the system to print. With flexible installation options, Self ID is customisable to suit specific business requirements with the ability for Point of Sale and Payment integration, suitable for Large Government Identification (LGID) Programs.

Fast ID and Self ID are set to launch in the second quarter of 2014, with prices from $1999 and $24,999 respectively. For more information visit

To assist with the rollout of these new products, Brands Australia has appointed Michael Vardarvas as NSW business development manager.

‘New South Wales is a significant growth area for us; Michael’s experience with companies such as Microsoft and HP have given him the technical know-how, together with astute customer-focused sales ability, to provide our customers with fantastic business solutions,’ said John Rule, general manager, Brands Australia.

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