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Vistaprint service moves printers into photo gifts

Vistaprint Australia has launched TradeAdvantage, a new service to graphic designers and ‘print professionals’ which will enable them to offer, among other print products, a range of photo-based services such as photo books, calendars, cards, T-shirts mugs, etc.

Vistaprint already offers photo gifting products direct to the public. The new TradeAdvantage service invites printers to participate 'at
Vistaprint already offers photo gifting products direct to the public. The new TradeAdvantage service invites printers to participate ‘at steeply discounted prices’.

Vistaprint says the new TradeAdvantage program aims to hit the sweet spot for printers, with 120 promotional, print and photo gifting products available in quantities of one up to 20,000

The service is open to print-based businesses ‘who have “face to face” relationships with small to medium size businesses.’ However, nothing in the TradeAdvantage marketing communications materials appears to preclude also selling to end consumers.

Orders are placed online with delivery ‘on average 3 – 5 business days with the option to direct ship to your customer.’

‘We are not known for supplying the trade in Australia but we have global systems that enable us to do this around the world – we have a great heritage internationally of supplying resellers. TradeAdvantage will give them access to a huge number of new products and enable them to move into new profitable markets, for zero investment,’ Paul Heath, vice president for Vistaprint Australia, New Zealand and Japan is quoted as telling the Australian Printer website.

TradeAdvantage will be online. All products will be available at ‘steeply discounted prices’, and all are produced at Vistaprint’s Deer Park site in Melbourne. Vistaprint uses HP Indigo printers among its array of equipment.

TradeAdvantage will provide standard discounts to all products and quantities, with tiered discounts depending on average monthly purchases. Mr Heath says margins could range from 50 per cent to as high as 200 per cent or more.

Vistaprint has similar supply arrangements with Staples and FedEx in North America, and has a joint venture with Japan’s largest chain of photo print stores, Plaza Create.

Orders will be mailed in white label packaging, either to the printer or directly to the customer, with no sign of the relationship with Vistaprint.

‘We know the trade will be concerned about Vistaprint marketing directly to their customers, but we want to assure them that is not what we are about,’ said Mr Heath

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