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…So who is Alex Christianian?

Conf_dingusAlex Christianian has been a director of leading US buying group, the Photographic Research Organization (PRO) since 1989 and recently presented at the PRO Convention to rave reviews!

Alex-ChristianianWhy? Because he knows what he is talking about!

Alex joined his parents’ business, Mikes Cameras,  in 1992 and was charged with growing the lab and photo processing segment of the business, hiring, and training. He was also in charge of managing the staff for handling customer orders, instilling in them a sense of the exacting level of customer service expected by the Mike’s Camera clientele.

As the company grew beyond its original single location in Boulder, with two additional superstores in the Denver market in 1995, he took on the advertising and marketing responsibilities for the company. He created campaigns and educational events for the stores, as well as off-site community events intended to promote the joy of photography – and to acquire new customers. He directs the merchandising, creative design and operations of the now 12-store retail Mike’s Camera chain with stores in Colorado and Northern California.

His session at the PMA Specialty Photo Industry Conference (Oct 31 – Nov 2), ‘Hardware and Services can mix profitably’ (sponsored by Promaster) is designed to take your services sales to the next level!
– Barbara Bryan, PMA Australia



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