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‘Selfie Pole’ from Kaiser Baas

Kaiser Baas is about to release the Kaiser Baas Selfie Pole, to aid and abet that most common of smartphone photo activities.

PoleThe Selfie Pole uses Bluetooth connectivity and has a remote control located on the grip handle allowing users to take better selfies. It’s made from stainless steel and has 6 extendable arm segments. An adjustable phone holder allows users to personally angle the phone for perfectly framed pictures.

It extends to almost a metre in length to easily fit a group of friends or a background landmark into the shot.

The Kaiser Baas Selfie Pole is compatible with Samsung Android 2.3.6+ and Apple iOS 5.0+ and has an RRP of $69.95. To discuss stocking the Selfie Pole telephone 1800 665 774.


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