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Retailers unite to support Photo Expos

Teds Cameras, Camera House and a number of other retailers have come together to run two one-day education sessions in Melbourne and Brisbane. The aim is to engage consumers to learn techniques to produce better images and enjoy their imaging experience.

PhotoExThe days of placing an advertisement and hoping consumers will react are long gone. We realise the need to engage the consumer in the fun of imaging making. With the support of Canon and Nikon, as well as a group of lecturers from the industry, we aim to present eight lectures through the day and experiences the consumers to participate in.

Retailers will be selling using their websites on the day as well as taking orders on special offers that will be made available to consumers who attend.

kneeling-woman-with-cameraIf these events are successful we intend to run similar programs in other capital cities and Regional areas.

The concept of a low cost consumer event will only work if retailers and suppliers support the event, which will be a template for future industry events.

‘We have moved from the box phase into the hobby phase and need to adjust our approach. This is a great time for the specialist sellers to work on a longer engagement with consumers. I appreciate the support offered by PMA to do back office work that allows competing retailers to work together in this way,’ Camera House director, Mark Alderson, Camera House said.

Details regarding the events can be found on .
– Peter Rose, PMA

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre | Saturday, August 23 | 9.30 to 5.00
Victoria University | Saturday, September 6, | 9.30 to 5.00

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