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Panasonic refreshes ‘travel zoom’ range

Panasonic has announced two additions to its popular TZ-series ‘travel zoom’ camera range, the top-of-the-range Lumix TZ60, and the Lumix TZ55.

TS480x360~sample_galleries-The TZ60 (pictured right) will become the premium model in the TZ range, and both offer P/A/S/M shooting modes and include two Custom memories, ‘intelligent’ Auto, scene presets, panorama and ‘Creative Control’ modes. Both accept the latest DXC cards and include built-in Wi-Fi.

The TZ60 uses a (tiny) 18-megapixel sensor while the TZ55 has an (even tinier) 16 megapixel sensor.

TS480x360~sample_galleries-The TZ60 out-specs the TZ55 (pictured right) in a range of areas: it has a 30x zoom range (24 – 720mm) as opposed to the TZ55’s 20x (24-480mm), and has 12MB of internal storage. Moreover, it captures Raw files, has slightly better movie resolution options, has built-in GPS and can be focussed manually.

The TZ60 has a 920,000 dot fixed 3-inch LCD screen while the TZ55 has a tilting 3-inch LCD screen with half that resolution. The TZ60  has in addition a 200,000 dot EVF. Neither are touch-screen operated.

While there is no local release date or pricing, the TZ60 (rebadged as the ZS40) is on offer at retail in the US for US$449 while the TZ55 (ZS35) is US$299.


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