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‘Painless’, low-cost online marketing

Following the PMA Specialty Photo Conference (Oct 31 – Nov 2) Stuart Holmes, managing director, Independent Photo Services, is urging photo specialist retailers to consider the IPI Managed Marketing Services program for online marketing communications to fast-track their migration to ‘omni-channel’ marketing.

Targetted ‘call-to-action’ type promotional messages are sent to a retailer’s customer database via Constant Contact.

Independent Photo (IPS) is the exclusive Southern Hemisphere partner to the IPI Marketing Group.

‘Much of the content of the Specialty Photo Conference was quite rightly focussed on online communications, social networking and selling online,’ he noted. ‘But the major obstacle most retailers encounter in implementing an online strategy is simply having regular access to quality content – words, pictures and graphics – and a comprehensive marketing schedule. The Managed Services Package (MMS) from IPI is all that and more.’

He explained that, using the IPI MMS package, retailers can choose a stream of targeted ‘call-to-action’ type promotional messages to send to their customer database via Constant Contact. These offers are backed up with ‘Social Media Synergies’ via Facebook, Twitter & Google +.

E-blast newsletter promotions are backed up with ‘Social Media Synergies’ via Facebook, Twitter & Google +.

‘This MMS program is significantly different from most stores’ current newsletter-type approach, as it is targeted to a calendar of picture-taking event opportunities through the year (eg, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’ s Day). Importantly all are Southern Hemisphere-centric, so for instance it includes local occasions such as Australia Day, ANZAC Day and Waitangi Day.

‘There is also a focus on specific products and services, such as VHS-to-DVD, copy & restoration, ‘Cool Instagram Prints’, shoe-box scanning etc, so it is easy to quantify the results!’

Email_MugHe urged retailers to trial the program for 12 months (at $199 per month) and judge for themselves whether it delivered good value.

‘It’s a lot less than employing a full-time or even part-time marketing manager,’ he said.

The program comes complete with a full marketing data dashboard so retailers can immediately measure the impact of their campaigns and work out what works best for their customer base.

What’s in the Box:
· The IPI MMS Program encompasses over 40 individual marketing services topics;
· Subscribers select 18 topics for their Annual Push Marketing Sales Program, via IPS marketing manager, Bruno Polito;
· IPI Managed Services sets a 12-Month sales & marketing eBlast program into the calendar – never miss a sales opportunity again!
–  And, IPI MMS Managed Social Media Schedule complements your chosen Direct eBlast Schedule;
· PLUS – If you want to carry the additional ‘Off MMS Calendar eBlasts’ then you can, but at least you know that your business will be touching your customer database at least every three weeks through the Year;

Sample_email‘This is more than a ‘Swiss Army knife’ of marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises. This is actually the only comprehensive and affordable way forward, to market your business – as the marketing support from any of the other photo industry ‘majors’ has sadly, all dried up,’ said Mr Holmes.

To find out more – contact Bruno Polito (National Marketing Manager Australia & NZ ) on

For more details on costs and features, click here to view a PDF version of the Managed Marketing Services order form.

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  1. FF FF November 28, 2014

    The best part of the IPI MSP is no doubt the templates that they provide, many of us will remember Photo Tidings when one template would be $25. The MSP has 1000’s of great templates.

    I think most retailers can manage their own marketing program if they just look at the IPI MSP and download the ready made graphics for poster, online, emailing use.

    One thing mugs at $6! Increasingly the customer reaction is wow you can do it today Big K says that it would take 10 days!

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