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Online sales mainly domestic

While is must gall Choice, with its palpable hatred of the Australian retailing industry, and Australia Post, with its new ShopMate service to assist US online retailers, the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research has shown Australians are far more likely to buy online from local rather than overseas websites.

Morgan1In the 12 months to September 2014, 38 percent of Australians aged 14 plus bought one or more products over the internet in an average four-week period. Almost two thirds of them  – 64 per cent – purchased locally, while 39 per cent bought from overseas websites.

Online camera sales were not among the Top 10 either locally or offshore.

Only six out of 51 product categories were more commonly purchased from overseas websites: video games and consoles, e-books, books, jewellery and watches, TV show downloads, and fashion accessories. For everything else, from women’s clothing, cosmetics and skincare, to toys, travel and homewares, local websites come out on top.

Morgan2The top selling products locally are tickets to movies, shows and other events, purchased by 830,000 Australians in an average four weeks.

This was followed by travel items such as tickets and accommodation, purchased by 785,000 people, and fast food and meals, purchased by 569,000 people. (You’ll wait a long time for a pizza delivery form the US!)

E-books and books are the most popular items bought from overseas online retailers, with low prices offered on websites like Amazon and the Book Depository. Local book publishers/distributors aren’t doing their book retailing customers any favours.

‘Much of the retail conversation over the last few years has focused on women’s fashion. The race for Australian stores to develop an online presence so they can compete with well established overseas competitors has received much coverage and commentary,’ said Geoffrey Smith, GM consumer products, Roy Morgan.

“In the midst of all this focus on women’s fashion, it looks like the new fashion battleground may be for men’s clothing…it could be the category that local retailers need to watch.’

(We have asked Roy Morgan for some information on online camera sales and are awaiting a response.)


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