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PHOTOKINA: Nikon D750 here Sept 25

Nikon Australia has announced September 25 availability of the full-frame D750 Nikon SLR camera, which it describes as ‘the first in a new line of the compact, lightweight and slim Nikon FX-format [full frame] bodies offering the superior agility as well as full-scale specifications needed for high-quality imaging and pursuing those of professional models.’ (Without even taking a breath!).

d750_24_120_front34lThe D750 features a 24-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, and the Nikon Expeed 4 image-processing engine. The ‘monocoque’ (‘single shell’) body is made from magnesium alloy and a new carbon fibre composite material. This and a new design delivers a ‘smaller, lighter, and slimmer camera that still offers a firm and steady grip.’

Local pricing is from $2580 (Nikon Australia does not supply RRPs.) This is an attractive local price compared to the ex-tax US MSRP of $2299, and includes a 2-year warranty.

The D750 is being pitched as a photo hobbyist’s camera ‘equipped with advanced functions nearly equal to those of professional models.’

Nikon also claims the D750 ‘even surpasses the D810 in image quality at high sensitivities’ partly due to larger individual pixels. (Though there is no information provided about actual pixel sizes.)

Key features
Advanced Scene Recognition System: The 91K-pixel (approximately 91,000 pixels) RGB sensor and the image sensor increases the accuracy of automatically controlled systems such as AF, AE, i-TTL flash control, and AWB. Includes face detection;
Highlight-weighted metering: Exposure is controlled with automatic detection of the brightest portion of the frame. ‘This controls loss of detail in highlights (blown highlights), even when the primary subject is lit by a spotlight on a stage’;
51-point autofocus system: A new AF sensor module and 51 focus points covering a broad range of the frame, enables smooth autofocusing, even in low-light conditions of -3 EV (ISO 100, 20°C).
High-speed continuous shooting: 6.5 frames per second for an extended period (Fine print is confusing on this one, but noted Nikon watcher Thom Hogan has interpreted the press release gobbledegook as ’87 shots JPEG Fine Large and 15 shots NEF 14-bit Lossless Compressed. More than 10 seconds of JPEG minimum and almost 3 seconds of RAW at 6 frames per second.’)
Optical viewfinder with approximately 100 percent frame coverage. Nikon says the viewfinder ‘is brighter'(?);
Movie recording options: ‘a sequencing mechanism for which the same four-motor system used by the D810 has been adopted enables “power aperture” with movie recording.’ Outputs uncompressed movies to external HDMI recorders while simultaneously storing them on a memory card inserted in the camera. wind noise reduction; frequency response settings;
Dust and water protection at the same level as the D810;
Superior body design: Slimmer body with a deeper grip for a more firm and steady hold. First Nikon full frame camera to have a tilting LCD monitor – up 90 degrees and down 75 degrees. (Can be used when camera is on a tripod);
Built-in Wi-Fi for image transfer and remote shooting;
3.2-inch TFT LCD monitor (1.23 million dots) with an RGBW array. Colour balance can be adjusted
– Seven special effects modes;
– Three image area options for still images;
– Full HD movies with two image area options;
– A time-lapse photography function;
Dual SD memory card slots

If you want to try to read the full Nikon Australia press release, click here.

New f1.8 20mm lens, flash unit
Nikon has also announced a new f1.8 20mm G-series lens and a new Speedlight, the SB-500 AF.

The new lens is available in Australia from September 25. No local pricing details supplied but Nikon US MSRP is US$799. Click here for Nikon Australia press release.

The Nikon SB-500 AF is powered by AA batteries and equipped with a high-performance LED light optimised for photography of art and other objects and close distances.

It works as both a master flash unit and a remote flash unit with wireless multiple flash-unit photography. Guide Number is 24 (metres at ISO 100) No local pricing provided. US MSRP is $249. Click here for full press release.

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